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Unique Testing Lab

Unique Testing Lab specializes in testing services and consultation in water, soil, microbiology, and corrosion. UTL has been established to satisfy the domestic needs of industries with third-party collaboration.

Our objective is to provide quality assurance services, on-time delivery reports, good human relationships, and customer satisfaction. Our lab is reliable and will assist you in solving problems of your product with a consultation where ever required.

Our Testing Services

water testing

Water Testing

We offer water testing services for various types of manufacturing industries to fulfill their needs of water quality prior and later to start their production or manufacturing products and reuse or recycle purpose which not only yields good results but also save the energy and cost for manufacturing units.

Microbiology Testing

Microbiological testing is an essential requirement for many manufacturing industries in the field of food, water, agriculture, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical sectors, and health care products. Also, it is important in wastewater, thermal plant, and oil and gas operations, petrochemical, and mining industries.

Soil Testing

The importance of soil in our life is to provide food-producing plants. Without this, it wouldn’t be possible to survive. Soil is used for agricultural purposes, directly or indirectly use for building materials. We offer soil testing services to meet the quality testing for agriculture and construction purpose.

Corrosion Testing

Corrosion is a naturally occurring process an unwelcome occurrence, caused by the dissolution of metal through an accidental, chemical, or electrochemical reaction at the boundary of metal and aqueous medium. Corrosion term originates from the Latin word ‘corrode which means eat away. Corrosion is regarded as the cancer of metals that arises from thermodynamic instability.

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