corrosion testing


Corrosion testing services are an essential requirement in many industrial applications to check the quality and life span of material for the environment it is exposed to. Corrosion is an unwelcome occurrence, caused by the dissolution of metal through an accidental, chemical, or electrochemical reaction.

It occurs in many types of equipment such as vessels, storage tanks, chemical reactors, heat exchangers, boiler systems, and oil and gas transport pipelines. The destruction caused by corrosion may result in a very high cost on operation and maintenance and unexpected shut down of the operating equipment, loss of valuable products, safety risk, and low reliability. All the above facts combine together and put the industry in the excessive loss.

We provide corrosion testing services to evaluate the corrosion resistance and rate of corrosion in different metals. The corrosion test is done as per international standards such as NACE, ASTM, ISO, API. Corrosion is also influenced by many other factors like temperature, pH of the solution, wet chemistry, velocity, pressure, heat treatment, etc.

Protective measures should be taken to maintain the equipment which, increase the life span and corrosion control to save billions of dollars lost due to corrosion annually. Proper maintenance, effective design of equipment, and use of the latest technology should be monitored by qualified specialists.

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  • Ferrous and its alloys

  • Non-ferrous and its Alloys

  • Soil/Concrete

  • Water / Wastewater

  • Seawater

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